SLIMMING TREATMENTUltrasound fat cavitation with EMS


🌸🌸🌸 Ultrasound fat cavitation with EMS made in JAPAN 🌸🌸🌸

A total treatment machine for your face and body. Multi-function beauty instrument equipped with Ultrasound, EMS, and Electric Pulse Method. Burns fat and tones your muscle at the same time !

Conventional Cavitation can reduce non-esterified fatty acids but it cannot burn the fat itself. Using Cavitation alone has always had the tendency of fat rebounding back.

But Japanese Secrets combines W dual Cavitation with W Moving EMS to further reduce fat through aerobic exercise of the surrounding muscle. This combination burns the non-esterified fat without the fear of stubborn fat returning.

Body Function

「Cellulite Care」is very important in order to lose weight and improve body image. Cellulite are the “lumps of waste” that can appear around the back of the legs and base of the buttocks, among other places of the body. These “lumps” of fatty tissue occur as deposits of subcutaneous fat push through to the epidermal layer and cluster in places under the skin causing a “pitted and lumpy” look.

Once these pitted formations appear on the skin, it can take weeks (even months) of heavy dieting and strenuous exercise in order to minimalise the damage done to the skin. Furthermore cellulite masses can have negative affects on the body’s circulation and other systems, constricting capillaries in the skin and lowering the body’s response to external temperatures, cause our bodies to feel colder.

This lowered temperature and poor circulation, lower the overall metabolic rate making it harder for the body to break down fatty acids and tissue causing “more cellulite”. Effective ways to tackle cellulite formation is to warm the affected area, breaking down and softening the adipose tissue and driving the fats back into the blood stream for it to be broken down further and removed from the body.

W Cavitation (Ultrasound+Cavitation)

W Cavitation is a technology that oscillates 2 separate frequencies. For the shallow fat deposits, the beneficial 1.5MHz frequency is used, and 38KHz frequency is used for the deeper fat deposits. Both frequencies are combined and generated simultaneously. This combination affects both the shallow and deeper parts of your body adding warmth that makes the treatment experience comfortable.

W Moving EMS

By not using a stationary type EMS pad, muscular exercises can be achieved from multiple angles. Moving EMS twin head technology will move deep rooted muscles and fascia providing a unique experience.
This simultaneous muscle stimulation is a great treatment for tightening the skin around your hip, stomach, upper arm, and back. Japanese original technology is able to incorporate dual cavitation and EMS oscillation at the same time using two adjacent probes.

A genuine titanium head that is safe for your skin

Titanium is very gentle and easy on the skin

Like 24K gold, it is a very expensive metal that is known not to cause any alleric reaction. This genuine titanium probe head will give better results than products that are simply titanium plated.


Titanium is naturally sterilized by light, making it always hygienic.

High safety

The structural resistance factor of titanium is very high meaning that the titanium probe is resistant to damage and distortion. This greatly reduces the risk of distortion and buckling of the probe surface, resulting in a product that won’t harm your skin.

Treatment Movie

Before / After

【Tummy Slack After Pregnancy】Waist area -20mins・Result after one session

【Back Fat generally called “Devil’s wings”】Waist area -20mins・Result after one session

Facial Function

Popular face slimming and lifting effect in tandem with original technology

Facial Slimming (Ultrasound+EMS)

We chose 2 MHz ultrasound frequency as it is know to achieve great results for facial slimming. This frequency also provides comfortable vibrations to the skin. The simultaneous combination of moving EMS and oscillation will cause muscle training and synergize with the effect of the ultrasound treatment. You can use the facial probe for massaging your shoulder and upper arms as well. The product allows users to choose freely between using EMS only, Ultrasound only, or both.

Recommended Treatment Area

FOOT SWELLING REDUCTION(Relaxation for all worker)

Foot Swelling Reduction Price

The calves are called “The second heart”.

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Upper Body Tightening & Face Slimming Course Price


Lower Body Tightening Price

SLIMMING PROGRAM with food instruction

SLIMMING PROGRAM with food instruction

Teatment Room

Notes after slimming treatment

To ensure the best results please do not drink alcohol on the day you have received your treatment. Please also do not eat for 2 hours post treatment.

Treatment Contraindication

This treatment can contraindicate people with the following conditions listed below. Please read carefully and feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions.

  • People with medical electronic devices implanted. Including heading aids and pacemakers.
  • People with a life-supporting medical electronic device such as artificial heart or lung
  • People with wearable medical electronic device such as electrocardiograph
  • People with acute illness and high fever
  • People with chronic illness including abnormal blood pressure and heart disease
  • People with any cancer
  • People with diabetes
  • People with infectious disease
  • People with malignant tumours
  • People who has had cosmetic surgery (metal, plastic or silicone etc is embedded)
  • People who are pregnant
  • People who are bleeding or with haemophilia
  • People with broken bone
  • People who are menstruating
  • People with pain perception disorder or paralysis
  • People who are not capable of communicating their decision and intentions
  • People with capillary dilation due to prolonged use of steroid hormone drugs or impaired liver function
  • People with skin disease including atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin, inflamed skin caused by cosmetics, facial melanosis, itching or burning sensation to skin or pathological spots on skin caused by physical stimuli, pimples, painful inflamed red skin due to severe sunburn or any other skin problem.

Please consult your doctor if you are under any medical treatments or have any concerns prior to the treatment. Check with your doctor by asking if it is possible to receive treatments that utilises ultrasound and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation).


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