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This offer is for your first ever eyelash extensions with Shaira Star. Existing customer who have not tried our eyelash extensions are also offered. You can order your preference (Width, Length, Curvature, Style).


Let us introduce our simulator to you that helps you to imagine your new look before the treatment!! We have a simulation that you could try it on during counselling which helps you to imagine your eyes with the eyelash extensions on and also helps you to decide width, length, curl, style.

What is Volume Lashes?

It is a new technique where 2-5 lashes are applied together to a single natural lash. It gives a fuller, more voluminous look.

  • These lashes cause minimal stress to your natural lashes even when three lashes are applied together as each lash is extremely fine.
  • Perfect for people without many natural lashes as Volume lashes fill the gaps between natural lashes.
  • Gives a fuller, more voluminous look yet very natural and lightweight.

Try our new state-of-the-art Volume Lash to give you a luscious, glamorous look.


We guarantee they have the best enduring strength ever!
Using same adhesive and lashes (a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes) the way they were, but with a our secret technique to create LONG LASTING LASHES / LONG LASTING VOLUME LASHES.

The look you get would be similar to Classic lashes with more volume that you won’t be able to get from wearing only Classic lashes.
So you can enjoy both the definition from Classic lashes and the delicacy and fluffiness from Volume lashes which also fill the sparse and gappy lashes.

It is highly recommended for those who normally can’t keep the lash extensions long as you desire, don’t have many natural lashes, like to keep your lashes beautiful constantly, or like the Classic lashes’ look but need more volume.

Although LONG LASTING LASHES / LONG LASTING VOLUME LASHES lasts longer than other eyelash extensions, you still need a maintenance and infills every 4 weeks.
Within 4 weeks, your own lashes grow out, fall out, go in all directions, that’s why you will need to maintain the lashes to keep them look beautiful.

Due to the special technique, it takes longer than the other menus, please check the amount of time required when you make a booking.

We also arrange an infills price which applies to client who has had the LONG LASTING LASHES / LONG LASTING VOLUME LASHES within 4 weeks.

Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

Volume Lashes

Long Lasting Lashes

Classic eyelash extensions
Hybrid eyelash extensions
Volume eyelash extensions
Long Lasting Lashes
Long Lasting Volume Lashes
$280 → $250

Features of our eyelash extensions

1. Anti-bacterial synthetic eyelashes
The world’s first sterile and anti-bacterial lashes prevent bacterial growth on the eyes and mucous membrane after application. The eyelashes maintain hygiene of the sensitive eye areas while minimising the occurrence of possible problems. Eyelashes are made in Japan.

2. Odorless & hypoallergenic glue
Our eyelash extension glue is dermatologically tested and formaldehyde-free (Formaldehyde is a harmful substance that causes allergic reactions). This professional-use glue is safe and gentle on the eyes as it is made of the ingredients used for medical skin adhesives. High polymer in the glue ensures strong adherence of eyelashes without damaging the eyes.

3. Wide variety of lash width and length
We offer a wide variety of eyelashes from very natural fine lashes to thick, bold lashes. You can also choose from four different curvatures and 8-14mm lengths to achieve your desired look.

4. Professional application techniques
Eyelashes are applied to your own individual lashes, one lash at a time, to ensure the application doesn’t cause any pain or tension. Eyelash extensions do not touch your eye balls or eyelid so you won’t experience any issues like swelling, scars, pain or itch.
However, incorrect aftercare may cause problems. Please make sure you have a consultation with beauty therapist and follow correct aftercare instructions.

5. Low cost
Shaira Star offers membership program for clients who wish to have beauty treatments on a regular basis. Members are entitled to member price.


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