Our vision is to create a beauty salon where you can experience the ultimate indulgence and relaxation each and every time you visit. We strive to provide professional technique, facilities and the environment that appeal to your five senses. Our beauty therapists will provide you with a detailed consultation and individually tailor your treatments from our extensive range of services to meet your needs and requirements. We are proud to use and provide only the highest quality products we have carefully selected.

Your replenished body, mind and spirit will help you make a first step to become your ideal self. We are here to help you shine in ten years’ time.

Enjoy the ultimate pampering experience and let us become a part of your life. We look forward to welcoming you at Shaira Star.

Special Offers



Duration : 105 mins
< Non-member: $120、Members:$100

Standard slimming facial plus white clay mask and facial vacuum to remove dirt from pores & mask of your own choice.

*White Clay Mask & steam (10 mins)
*Stone massage to remove waste products
*Slimming facial - skin tightening
*Mask - You can choose your own mask from : Slimming special mask or collagen mask

Price Reduced on 3D Volume Lash

We have received many positive feedback and comments from our clients who tried our new “3D Volume Lash” extensions introduced last year.

Here is what our happy clients say...
“I have very few natural lashes but my eyes look voluminous with 3D Volume Lashes.” “My lashes look more natural than I expected.” “My lashes are longer-lasting than before.” “3D Lashes are more light-weight than other lashes.”

The prices have been reduced from this month for those who haven’t tried our 3D Volume Lash. This is a permanent price reduction so come and try our amazing 3D Volume Lash for special occasions or for your everyday beauty.

What is 3D Volume Lash?
It is a new technique where 3 lashes are applied together to a single natural lash. It gives a fuller, more voluminous look. 

* These lashes cause minimal stress to your natural lashes even when three lashes are applied together as each lash is extremely fine.
* Perfect for people without many natural lashes as 3D lashes fill the gaps between natural lashes. 
* Gives a fuller, more voluminous look yet very natural and lightweight. 

Try our new state-of-the-art 3D Volume Lash to give you a luscious, glamorous look. 

3D Volume Lash options:
3D & single lash combination - full set 
☆ Natural - 10x 3D & 50x single (80 lashes on each eye = 160 lashes in total)
☆ Elegant - 30x 3D & 40x single (130 lashes on each eye = 260 lashes in total)
☆ Glamour - 50x 3D & 30x single (180 lashes on each eye = 360 lashes in total)
3D Full
☆ 3D Full - 70-90x 3D (220-270 lashes on each eye = 500 lashes in total)

Treatment Price:
☆ Natural - Non-member $100 / Member $90
☆ Elegant - Non-member $135 / Member $125
☆ Glamour - Non-member $165 / Member $145
☆ 3D Full - Non-member $225 / Member $200

Refill Price (Touch-up within 4 weeks from your first treatment):
☆ Natural  Within 2 weeks:Non-member $70 / Member $60
        Within 3 weeks:Non-member $80 / Member $70
        Within 4 weeks:Non-member $90 / Member $80

☆ Elegant  Within 2 weeks:Non-member $105 / Member $95
        Within 3 weeks:Non-member $115 / Member $105
        Within 4 weeks:Non-member $125 / Member $115

☆ Glamour  Within 2 weeks:Non-member $125 / Member $115
         Within 3 weeks:Non-member $135 / Member $125
         Within 4 weeks:Non-member $150 / Member $135

☆  3D Full  Within 2 weeks:Non-member $155 / Member $140
         Within 3 weeks:Non-member $175 / Member $160
         Within 4 weeks:Non-member $200 / Member $180


This offer is valid for 1 month from your original booking. You can have eyelash extensions as much as possible in 1 hour for up to 3 times during the 1 month.

The treatment takes for 1 hour only. (It includes the maintenance time for previous extensions. You may not have enough extensions if you arrive too late for your booking time or for removing mascara.)

If you wish to have more than 3 appointments in the month, they will be charged at $50 per extra visit.

You cannot choose the eyelash technician.

You can order your preference (Width, Length, Curvature, Style).

We cannot accept any complaints for lasting duration or the number of extensions. We cannot refund the treatment fee after your 1st treatment.


Duration : 90 mins (including counselling)
Full set eyelash extensions (50 lashes each) $65.

This offer is for your first ever eyelash extensions with Shaira Star.
Existing costumer who have not tried our eyelash extensions our also offer.
You can order your preference (Width, Length, Curvature, Style).



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Shaira Star Pty Ltd

Address : Shop 1A, 62 Grafton Street, Cairns QLD 4870
(Entrance is on the right side of Macaron café)
Phone : (07) - 4031 - 0288
E-mail : info@shairastar.com
Mon–Sat : 9am-6pm
Sun : Closed

※We accept appointments until 5pm.
※By appointment only.


Membership Program【Shaira Star Member】

Become a Shaira Star member and save every time you visit!! As a member, you are entitled to member prices and members only offers.

Sign-up fee is not requiredand you can sign up anytime. The minimum contract period is 3 months.

You simply pay monthly membership fee ($50, $100, $150) on the 1st of each month.We direct debit from your nominated credit card or you can transfer from your bank account. The credit will be available for you to use on our salon treatments and products. Any unused credit rolls over to the following month.

If you wish to sign up, please visit the salon and complete a registration form.
We look forward to your registration.

Introduce a friend and receive 10% discount

When you introduce a friend to Shaira Star, both you and your friend will receive a 10% discount on our treatment services or products. Please ask our staff for “introduce a friend” cards next time you visit our salon.

Terms & Conditions:

☆ Please ask your friend to bring an “introduce a friend” card on the day of booking or tell us your name at the time of booking.
☆ 10% discount can be used on our treatment services or products.
☆ 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
☆ Your friend will receive a 10% discount on her/his first booking only.
☆ If you are a Shaira Star member, you will receive a 10% discount off the member price.
☆ Our salon is by appointment only. Please make an appointment.
☆ You will receive your 10% discount only after your friend has visited our salon.


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Kayo Tanabe


Kayo イメージ

Kayo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science (major in Human Science). She has an in-depth knowledge of human system and offers her clients logical and clear-cut advice. Prior to coming to Australia, Kayo worked for a major aesthetic company in Japan. In Australia, she has worked in the wedding industry for many years. She is not only a qualified wedding planner/coordinator but has also provided wedding nail treatments and hair & makeup for brides. On her day off, she was also providing nail and eyelash perm services at home. After working in the wedding industry,she worked as a beauty advisor for a major cosmetic brand until the opening of Shaira Star. Through her years of working in different fields in the beauty industry, Kayo has gained vast experience in all aspects of the industry and a number of qualifications and is proud to offer professional advice.

Treatment Services

At Shaira Star, Kayo provides facials, massage, nails, permanent makeup, IPL, eyelash perm & extensions and makeup services.


★Bridal Produce Course
★Bridal Co-ordinator Course
★WRB21A Design & Apply Make-up
★WRB22A Design & Apply Make-up for Photography
★WRB23A Design & Apply Make-up for Camouflage
★Tattoo make-up Technical Diploma
★HLTIN402B Maintain Infection Control Syandards Course
★GP Med-Flash Ⅱ Intense Palse Light Theory and Practical Training
★Nail Technical Diploma
★Star Nail - Hard Gel Nail Course
★Bio Sculpture Gel Advanced Course
★Juri Nail College Airbrush full Course
★Eyelash Perm Course
★Eyelash Extension Wing Special Course
★Japan Aesthetic Association Certified Aesthetician
★Japan Eyelash Extension Association Certified Top Eyelist
★Japan Skincare Association Certified Skincare Adviser
★Japan Skincare Association Certified Skincare Counselor

☆ New Cancellation & No-Show Policy ☆
We have changed our cancellation & no-show policy as follows. We would like to ask all of our clients to consider others as no-shows take other clients’ opportunities to make an appointment.
All bookings cancelled within 24 hours of your original appointment or in case of no-show, cancellations fees will be charged as follows:
* For treatments $51 or over – 50% of the treatment price will be charged
* For treatments $50 or under – 100% of the treatment price will be charged

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