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Full Body (Swedish) massage

Swedish massage is a deep tissue massage that is not too Intense. We recommend for those of you who may suffer from muscle pain due to excess massaging or doesn't like your massage too firm. Swedish massage is different from the gentle aromatic massage, but is very effective for relaxing, detoxing and releasing muscle stiffness.

90 mins: Full body including head < Member: $120 Non-member: $100 >
60 mins: Full body excluding head < Member: $70 Non-member: $80 >
45 mins: Body - backside only (back, shoulders, legs) < Member: $60 Non-member: $65 >
30 mins: Back & shoulders < Member: $40 Non-member: $45 >
*Foot spa is included in all treatments except for 30 minutes treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Duration : 90 mins
<Non-member:$110 / Member:$90>

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing body’s toxins. However, as it does not have its own pumping mechanism like the heart does, it becomes blocked easily resulting in the accumulation of “fatigue substance” in the body, such as lactic acid, contributing to chronic muscle stiffness, feeling of fatigue, puffy face and swollen legs.
By encouraging fluid circulation, lymphatic drainage helps the body produce a free-flowing lymphatic system, preventing swelling and the accumulation of fat and metabolic waste products. It is also beneficial for improving skin metabolism and skin radiance. If you have swelling, want to reduce cellulite, or have sedentary life, lymphatic drainage is the treatment for you.


Duration : 90 mins
<Non-member:$120 / Member:$95>

Balinese style aroma oil body massage. This massage is stronger than lymphatic drainage and uses a combination of techniques including gentle and firm stroking and acupressure. If you have any requests, beauty therapist can concentrate on those areas for you. If you are feeling tired, this is the treatment for you.
Unwind your body and mind while beauty therapist gives you a relaxing massage to the Balinese music.

Leg Refresh Massage

Duration : 30 mins
<Non-member:$40 / Member:$35>

Intense massage designed to target swollen, tired legs and feet. Beauty therapist employs strong pressure leg and foot massage to break down unwanted waste products and fat, encouraging the lymph system to remove these wastes. This massage improves metabolism and removes swelling, leaving you with slimmed-down legs and happier feet.
If your work requires you to be on your feet all day and your feet are feeling stiff, tired and heavy, try this massage together with our Reflexology or Head Massage. Perfect rejuvenation of your body and mind.


Duration : 30 mins
<Non-member:$40 / Member:$35>

By applying pressure to each and every acupressure point on the feet, this massage helps internal organs correct imbalances and function at optimal levels. Acupressure not only helps your body return to a healthy balance but also promotes your natural healing ability. By knowing your sore points, you know the weak parts of your body.
As you continue the treatment, cleanse your body from the inside and improve your body function.

Head Massage

Duration : 30 mins
<Non-member:$35 / Member:$30>

While the feet are called the “second heart”, the head is also called the “third heart” where a number of acupressure points exists. By applying pressure to these points, this aroma oil massage not only eliminates stress and fatigue but also rejuvenates your body, leaving you refreshed and re-energized. Ideal for people on the go.

Hand and Arm Massage & Paraffin Treatment

Duration : 30 mins
<Non-member:$35 / Member:$30>

Ideal for tired arms and dry hands. Relaxing hand and arm massage with essential oils and moisturizing cream. We might not usually notice how tired our hands and arms are, but after this tension relieving massage, you will be surprised how light they feel. Treatment is completed by paraffin hand treatment to leave your hands smooth and nourished. Paraffin treatment is suitable for rough or flaky hands.

Nail Care, Hand and Arm Massage & Paraffin Treatment

Duration : 45 mins
<Non-member:$45 / Member:$40>

Perfect care for nails, hands and arms. Cuticle care, relaxing hand and arm massage, followed by paraffin hand treatment to leave your hands smooth and nourished. Proper nail care is essential for healthy, beautiful nails. Even if your work doesn’t allow you to have nail art, proper grooming of cuticles makes your natural nails look great.

All treatments include foot spa (excluding shoulder & back massage, head massage, and hand & arm massage).

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