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Kayo Tanabe


Kayo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science (major in Human Science).
She has an in-depth knowledge of human system and offers her clients logical
and clear-cut advice.
Prior to coming to Australia, Kayo worked for a major aesthetic company in Japan.
In Australia, she has worked in the wedding industry for many years.

She is not only a qualified wedding planner/coordinator but has also provided
wedding nail treatments and hair & makeup for brides.
On her day off, she was also providing nail and eyelash perm services at home.
After working in the wedding industry,she worked as a beauty advisor for a major
cosmetic brand until the opening of Shaira Star.

Through her years of working in different fields in the beauty industry,
Kayo has gained vast experience in all aspects of the industry and a number of
qualifications and is proud to offer professional advice.

Kayo Okita

Treatment Services

At Shaira Star, Kayo provides facials, massage, nails, permanent makeup, IPL, eyelash perm & extensions, makeup services.


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