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We are excited to introduce a huge selection of nail colours from a new brand!
Our new gel nail produces beautiful colours and high shine on your nails. A base gel is durable and long-lasting so you don’t need to worry about your nail colours becoming dull or discoloured. It can be removed easily, leaving minimum damage to your natural nails.
More excitingly, you can choose from 100 different colours!!

After 4weeks

After 4weeks


Easy removal

Base Treatment

All base treatments include preparation such as cuticle grooming, buffering (to arrange length and shape) and cuticle treatment.

ファイル名 甘皮処理1
ファイル名 甘皮処理2

★ Full Set – Clear or 1 Colour

No nail extension. Apply a coat of gel directly on your natural nails.

★ Extension Full Set – Bio Gel
Create 2-3mm length with Bio Gel. Bio Gel can be removed with a soak off solution.
Gives a realistic look.

★ Extension Full Set – Hard Gel

Create 3mm or longer length with all clear hard gel. The gel cannot be removed with a remover.

★ Repair

Refill the new growth area. Only available for simple designs 2-3 weeks after the previous treatment.

★ Removal (soak off only)

Remove gel nails with a specially formulated soak off solution.

Nail Art

Course A : Simple Art
Course B : Design Art
Course C : Decoration Art
Course D : Gorgeous Art

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